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Welcome to the official site of the Kinetic Grand Championship, a 3-day race along California's northern coast from Arcata to Ferndale. Racers compete for glory in all variety of people-powered kinetic kontraptions, pedaling along roads, the beach... even through the Humboldt Bay!

The race is ON!

The Kinetic Grand Championship 2014 will be Memorial Day Weekend, May 24th, 25th, & 26th.

Watch the LIVE stream thanks to our sponsors, the Stream Guys, and KIEM News Channel 3.

Kinetic Universe is always looking for race sponsors to help keep Kinetics free to watch.

Want to help out behind the scenes? Become a kinetic volunteer.


Kinetic Grand Championship Poster 2013 by Kati Texas
Posters: Past & Present

2013 poster by Kati Texas